How to Wear: H&M Burgundy Jumpsuit, Altuzarra Red Velvet Blazer


Sometimes, all you need is a break.

I had every intention of working on the blog while on vacation. I did. I had it all mapped out. I’d shoot outfits in the afternoon (to get the best lighting, obvi), write and edit photos the following day, either by the beach or the pool—and repeat. All of this, while keeping in mind that I was on vacation, and if at any point I felt overwhelmed, I’d stop and pick it up the next day.


Only I didn’t get overwhelmed. Not once. I hadn’t felt that drive and inspiration to just write, write, write and to style beautiful outfits in so long. And the best part? It didn’t feel like work at all.

And, then, my computer stopped working. It just died. Dunzo. I tried everything, and ultimately gave up and decided it wasn’t meant to be. It was either that, or throwing it in the ocean. 

But it gets better. 


I planned to take my laptop in for service as soon as I got home—I couldn't let the sudden drive and momentum I was feeling die, too! But, for whatever reason, the night I got home, I had the urge to try one last time. I pressed the power button and held my breath in anticipation. 

And, then you know that sound Apple computers make when you restart them? It's like a gasp for air and then *play dramatic music* you see the light as the screen turns on. It did that! Needless to say, I've never been so happy to hear that sound. My computer is alive! 


All of that, just to say: sometimes you need a break. I may not have gotten (enough) work done and, yeah, I was pissed, but the time I got to spend with my family, alone, relaxing was priceless.

And because I was disconnected, I was able to be in those moments and truly relax. It wasn't until I got back to the hustle and bustle of the city that I realized how much I really needed that mental break. 

Wearing: H&M jumpsuit, Altuzarra blazer (previously styled here), Shoemint shoes


StyleRose Chevalier