How to Wear: Altuzarra for Target Trench Coat


It's going to be one of those long, draining weeks at work this week. For me, this usually means I have little to no time to get ready in the morning—I don't know about you, but I'll take an extra 5 minutes of 'snooze' over doing my hair or putting any kind of effort into my hashtag O-O-T-D. The struggle is real. 


For the most part, I stick to a color palette of black and white—call me basic; that's as 'basic' as it gets around here. My uniform usually calls for skinny jeans, black or white Converse, and a tee. Yep. Basic. 


And, this trench coat is probably the best thing to happen to my wardrobe this season. I mean, look, I threw it over my otherwise boring outfit and all of a sudden I look like I tried. Win! Now, if only I could get away with wearing this everyday...

Wearing: Altuzarra for Target trench coat, Express jeans, Zara tee + shoes (last seen here)


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