How to Plan Outfits for the Week

It’s hard work to look put together every day. Hair done, nails done, everything did—that’s a lot of #werk! Take it from the girl that snoozes no less than five times every morning, if you live a busy life (or, even if you don’t), sometimes sleep trumps fashion.

The good news is your style doesn’t have to suffer for a few extra minutes of beauty sleep. To save time and skip the stress of staring at my closet picking out an outfit in the morning because #nothingtowear, I’ve gotten into the habit of planning my outfits for the week on Sunday nights.

Check the Weather — Rain or Shine

One thing I've learned (the hard way) while living in New York: check the weather. #JFDI Not only will you save your shoes, but it'll be hard to feel frumpy and blah when you plan a cute outfit to go with your Hunter wellies. Don't forget an umbrella!

Get Inspired

Inspiration is all around us. And while Instagram is a major source for me, I often look back at old runway shows and magazines for styling and color inspo. I recently started a moodboardon my closet door to keep me inspired while I'm pulling looks and getting ready in the morning. And, when in doubt, pull up good ol' Pinterest.


I usually dress according to my mood in the morning—am I feeling sexy or sporty? Do I want to look girly, or is it a boyfriend jeans kind of day? With that in mind, I like to pull a range of different looks that lend themselves to whatever mood I'm in, but still look put together.

Check Your Social Calendar

Whether you have a Tinder date, or an after-work networking event—these are things to keep in mind when planning ahead. Save your power-suit moment for Tuesday's networking event, and maybe the flirty dress with a denim jacket for date night. You get the idea!

Change it Up

Challenge yourself to wear pieces more than once. If you wore a dress a couple weeks ago, think of new ways to switch it up this week—maybe throw an oversize sweater over it, or layer a skirt over it to wear it as a blouse. The possibilities are endless, and if you come up with new ways to wear old pieces again and again, you'll never get bored of your wardrobe!

Wearing: American Eagle bodysuit + jeans, Zara earrings. Also pictured, Zara dress

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