Weekend Recap: I'm a Belieber

This weekend was one for the books. Well, kind of.

Zara Skirt & Hat (old), AE Shirt, Shoemint Booties

Zara Skirt & Hat (old), AE Shirt, Shoemint Booties

If you didn't know (if you follow me on Insta, you do!), I just got back to NYC last week after spending a few days in paradise, er, Dominican Republic. I came back feeling re-energized, refreshed, but most importantly, tan! It was just what I needed.


So fast-forward to this past weekend.

On Friday, I made it to happy hour with my girl Miriam. It's always a good time when we get together! Oh, and we came to one conclusion: we're both lightweights, and guess what? That's okay!


On Saturday, Natalie and I headed downtown to explore and do some shopping. We hit up Century21which I had never been to, and oh my gosh, have I been missing out—it's designer shoe heaven (and on sale!). We also visited the usuals... you know, Topshop, Zara, Bloomies, Urban, etc.

Eventually, of course, we got hungry and made our way to one of our favorites, Tacombi—they have the best tacos!—in NoHo.


Here's where my weekend gets a little crazy.

Leave it to Natalie and her Justin Bieber stalker-ish ways... We figured out he was in town for a photo shoot, snapping pictures in Central Park and around the city, and staying at a hotel in Midtown, which just so happens to be by my job. Yes, I'm a Belieber. #NoShame.

Obviously, we did what any true Belieber would do. We ran home for a quick outfit change—hoodies for the dropping temps and sneakers, you know, in case we had to run after him—and to charge our phones. Duh. And then we were off to his hotel to... stalk. For 5 hours.
In the cold.


Did we see the Biebs? No. Disappointed? Yes. But it was all in good fun, and to see the dedication and love his fans—young and older, mind you—have for him was truly amazing (even for non-Beliebers and passersby). Needless to say, I now have a Bieber hangover and could probably use another vacation.

Stay tuned for my Sunday brunch outfit with the girls, coming (hopefully) tomorrow!






Rose Chevalier