New York Style Diary: A Grey Moment + Words of Wisdom

One of my good friends recently said something that stuck with me. Not only does she give insanely good advice, but she has a way of saying the right words (at the right time!), and making you go a-ha. Not in a corny, easier-said-than-done, get-over-it-and-move-on kind of way, but more like “Hey, I’ve been there. It sucked. It won’t get any better soon, but you will survive, and in the mean time let’s dance like everyone is watching,” kind of way. 

“With age comes bravery and strength,” she said, “Which is why a lot of women say they would never go back to a younger age—it’s [so] liberating!” 

Sure, I’ve heard this one before. I’ve heard it plenty of times, but it never really resonated. 

Not until now.

Here I was, just a day after turning twenty-five, with a couple big-girl decisions to make that had been haunting me for weeks. Talk about good timing. But, what was I waiting for? For someone to make my mind up for me, I suppose. 

Sometimes the strength you need to move on from a difficult situation, to make a life-changing decision, or to simply speak up and say what’s on your mind is right there within you, though perhaps not at the surface… you may have to dig deep like I did. Just think, what’s the worst that can happen?

And, because I know you’re dying to know, I made those tough decisions. And you know what? It really was so liberating! 

Wearing: Express Skirt (last seen here), aerie Tee, Shoemint Shoes, Zara Necklace

StyleRose Chevalier