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This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday.


Holy $#!%, you guys. I’m a quarter of a century old! Initially, I planned a whole weekend filled with festivities—dinner and drinks with my closest friends on Friday night, a trip to the winery or the beach on Saturday, and the spa followed by brunch on Sunday. Great plan, right?

But, as I always do, I waited til the last minute and inevitably so, people’s schedules filled up, getting a reservation at a decent time was hopeless, and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. 


Instead, I spent my birthday weekend with family. Low-key, simple, unplanned—it couldn’t have been more perfect. Not to mention, I had a total of 3 birthday cakes (and three wishes!). Am I lucky, or what? 

To kick off the weekend, I made my way down to Brooklyn with my sister and best friend on Thursday night for the Katy Perry concert. And, can I just tell you? I was pleasantly surprised. The girl can sing


I hadn’t been out in ages (since I moved back home, actually), so the struggle to get out of bed the next day was real. What can I say? I guess I can’t hang like I used to back in my city days.

I first wore this dress more than a year back. Confession? I hadn’t worn it since. I know, I know—how horrible of me. 


And then, when I eliminated (almost) all the color and bold patterns from my wardrobe a few months back, it somehow made the cut. In my mind, it’s still a neutral-colored dress with just “pops” of color. Amirite?

To toughen up the look, I paired my dress-turned-top with lace-trimmed shorts, black accessories, and—you guessed it—my go-to-as-of-late vampy lip. Et voila! A whole new take on a not-so-new piece. 

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Wearing: H&M Dress (last seen here), Express Shorts, Zara Shoes, JustFab Bag (last seen here), MAC "Diva" Lipstick

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