Phillip Lim for Target Haul, My Picks

 Phillip Lim for Target Collection Phillip Lim for Target Collection If you haven't heard, the Phillip Lim collection hit Target in the wee hours of the morning—I was one of those that stayed up late, though not intentionally I admit (thank you insomnia!)—and as we expected, it's mostly sold out already. I'm happy to report I got most of what I wanted, with the exception of two bags I was lusting after, but I must say shopping the collection from the comfort of my bed and not having to get pushed and shoved in-store totally makes up for it! Here's a look at the items I picked up, most of which are still available online. Happy Shopping!

1. Animal Print Pullover, 2. Colorblock Peplum Top, 3. Navy/Green Pullover, 4. BOOM! Sweatshirt, 5. Green Semi-Sheer Blouse, 6. Floral Blouse, 7. Floral Shirt Dress, 8. Animal Print Dress, 9. Mixed Media Dress

Rose Chevalier