How I Wear: Rachel Roy Snake Print Trouser

 photo DSC_0159_2_zps7973c43b.png This is typical me: all smiles, big, messy hair, and a wrinkled shirt—even though I promise I steamed itand don't forget the bright lipstickI know, I know... Just when I opened my big mouth and went on about posting regularly (read more about that here) I disappear yet again. Sometimes a girl just needs a little time (and some retail therapy) to get her mind right.
 photo DSC_0161_2_zpsf6dea99a.png   photo DSC_0147_2_zps8c23e93a.png

What I Wore: Old Navy Shirt Rachel Roy Pants JustFab Sandals + Bag Moschino Belt Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick

StyleRose Chevalier