how to: spruce up spring wardrobe

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While I love living in a city that exposes me to all four seasons—let's be honest, sometimes it feels like three but I digress—getting dressed in the morning is often a challenge, especially as we transition from one season to the next. Heading into summer, we face that 'too cold in the morning not to wear a light jacket, but gotta strip the layers off by noon-kind of weather. So how do we look spring-cool while still getting the most out of our year-round wardrobe staples? The key is to add color! Remember when I wore this structured leather jacket last season? A relaxed pair of brightly-colored pants instantly makes it spring-appropriate.

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What I Wore: American Eagle Blouse Old Navy Pants (previously styled here) French Connection Jacket (also seen here) Zara Shoes (also seen here) C. Wonder Earrings JustFab Bag Moschino Belt

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