How I Wear: Eyelet Skirt, Open Knit Sweater

 photo DSC_0074_zps276e9a35.png   Happy Monday! I'm back in New York today—sitting in the office, sipping on some green tea as I write up this post—and it feels good to be home, with a clear mind and tons of energy. Whenever I come back from vacation I feel inspired to start fresh and, rather than jump back into my normal routine, start up a new one. Does anyone else do this?
 photo DSC_0059_zps135d2422.png

I wore this number on my first day in the Dominican Republic—my family and I went out to dinner after a long day of traveling, and I wanted to be comfy. It was either this or my pajamas!
 photo DSC_0086_zpsce84a9ee.jpg

Here's to a productive week ahead!


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