Closet Remix: 1 Skirt, 5 Ways

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to try something different—something new. I didn't address it in this post, but in case you didn't notice, I took a month off from blogging to find my niche, my true purpose for writing this blog. As a blogger (and I'm sure some of you out there can relate), my main goal is to keep my content new and fresh, and set myself apart from other style bloggers, while also staying true to myself.

With that being said, I found during my time off that my true passion lies in inspiring you to look your best, while also being budget-conscious (though not overly, let's be honest!). Like most of you who read my blog, I'm a real girl on a real-life budget, and, like you, I also struggle here and there to work with what I've already got in my closet. And, so, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to a new type of post here on Style Operator: Closet Remix—a regular series dedicated entirely to getting the most out of pieces in your closet.

Let's tackle our closets together! I would love to hear your feedback and/or requests for pieces you'd like to see remixed. Do you like this type of post? Let me know in the comments above, or email me at!

 photo DSC_0175copy_zpsd8f1fa2f.jpg   photo DSC_0015_zpsd7c2bb6a.png   photo DSC_0240_zps3b8359ca.jpg   photo DSC_0059_zpse77ef806.png   photo DSC_0011_zps3bdcf73d.jpg   photo DSC_0046_zps1e7f7e9a.png   photo DSC_0035_zps643064a5.jpg   photo DSC_0034_zps5defb5e2.png   photo DSC_0313_zps2acf3b5a.jpg   photo DSC_0030_zps943ffdfb.png