For Newtown


Just when I thought I had this daily blogging thing down pat, I got bombarded with a crazy-busy work week—I'm talking late nights, crack-of-dawn mornings, barely any time to eat. Not to mention the not so blogger-friendly weather—taking pictures out in the cold is not the business, let me tell you! And, so, while I recover from this wannabe cold, I'll leave you guys with this.

Together let's pray for those in Newtown who lost a child, a sister, a brother, a friend, a parent, or a teacher. May God give them the strength to move forward and overcome this. And, for those precious babies and brave adults in Heaven—may peace be with them. Let us pray for change and unity. We must stick together, now more than ever. Let's hug our loved ones a little tighter, utter the words 'I love you' more often, and cherish those special moments we share together.


Rose Chevalier