How To: Arm Party (Stack Bracelets)

Photobucket1. The Classic: Cosy, Forever 21, Coach

I finally got around to shooting this post—perhaps one of the most requested—this weekend. While there's no rhyme or reason to how I stack my bracelets, I've put together 10 "arm parties" with different styles in mind—I hope there's something for everyone! Keep in mind, there are many different bracelet styles out there (i.e. beaded, chains, braided ones, etc.) that I don't personally own, but you can also use to layer and achieve your desired "look"—the combinations are endless!

Photobucket2. Pretty Wild: Vintage, Vince Camuto, Macy's

Photobucket3. Neon Pop: Forever 21, Ebay, Prima Donna

Photobucket4. Multi-Colored: Forever 21 (2 sets), Vintage

Photobucket5. Cotton Candy: Forever 21 (2 sets), Vintage

Photobucket6. Bohemian Rhapsody: Forever 21, Vintage

Photobucket7. Prep Rally: Jewelmint, Cosy, Forever 21, Coach, Kate Spade

Photobucket8. Starburst: Cosy, Forever 21

Photobucket9. Wild Luxury: Cosy, Forever 21

Photobucket10. Garden Party: Forever 21, Vintage

Happy Monday!