6 Budget-Friendly Accessories for Summer


As warm temperatures kick into high gear, I find that stacking on the "arm candy" and doubling up layers a la Atlantic-Pacific is becoming quite the task—I mean, it's just too hot! And while, yes, looking fashionable at all times to uphold the fashion blogger "image" (ha! yeah, right) is of utmost importance, sweating due to poor outfit choices is simply unacceptable.

My solution: plenty of sheer fabrics, maxi dresses, and gauzy blouses—couldn't be more obvious, I know, but it's all about the accessories. Here are just a few brightly colored pieces I have my eye on, and plan to incorporate into my wardrobe to spice up otherwise boring ensembles. The best part? Their super affordable price tags.
1. Neon Skinny Belt (only $6!) 2. Bright Statement Earrings 3. Yellow Flats 4. Chevron Bangle Set 5. Bright Lip Color (the best accessory) 6. Bold Cross-body Bag
Happy Weekend!