How I Wear: Zara Studio Long Vest

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We're now 14 days into the new year, and I already feel like I haven't done enough.

 It's that time of year where we make resolutions that we eventually break, we start a new diet in hopes to shed those pounds we gained over the holidays, we feel motivated to sign up for gym memberships, well, you get it... It's a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate.

Wearing: Zara Necklace, Vest, & Boots, H&M Shorts

Wearing: Zara Necklace, Vest, & Boots, H&M Shorts

Me, personally? I have about ten resolutions, all of which are long-term goals that I've set for myself, such as drinking more water, working out more, eating healthier - nothing too specific, but more realistic.

Perhaps my most important resolution, though, is to live in the moment. To appreciate my surroundings and stop taking life's simple pleasures for granted. To stop sweating the small stuff—especially the things that are out of my control. 

Another one of my resolutions is to dress my best, everyday. With my busy schedule, it's easy to fall into a wake-up-and-go routine where all I wear is jeans a tee, maybe a blazer, (thankfully, I work in a casual work environment!) because I have no time to even think about my outfits. That, my friends, is so 2013. In my experience, when you dress your best, you feel your best and therefore you're the best version of you. I recently read an Oprah article that asked "What is your dream outfit, and why aren't you wearing it right now?" Well, why not? Everyday should be "blog-worthy!" 



Rose Chevalier