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I’m Rose Annette

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Inhale fashion,
exhale style.


I started Style Operator in 2011 as part of an assignment for a media studies class my senior year of college. It wasn’t until my parents gifted me my first DSLR camera for my 21st birthday, that I started taking Style Operator more seriously. What started as a page where I’d share style-related content around trends in the form of Polyvore collages (remember those?), then turned into a personal style blog.

Today, I live in New York City with my boyfriend and our dog, Parker. By day, I work in fashion where I’ve held various positions including visual merchandising, styling, fashion design, concept and trend design, and most recently, design operations. In my free time, I enjoy cycling via Peloton, cooking, and reading self-improvement books about business, creativity, and human habits.




florida native

I was born in NY, but lived in Florida for most of my life—so I consider myself a Floridian.


I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new restaurants and different cuisines.


No matter how much I plan ahead, I always procrastinate—I’m working on this in 2019.


I was super messy growing up, but as an adult I’m a bit OCD about organization—thanks, Mom!


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